Mrs. R. Bhavani

 A society is a group of individuals involved in sharing the same space, culture and norms. Likewise  animals in the forest too has certain rules and regulations to be followed, one such thing was that no  animal in the forest should hunt any young animals. 

 Long ago there was a nut – brown forest with a lot of skyscraper tall trees and twigs crunching  under the feet of the moving animals, birds chirping and a pleasant stream flowing. Today I’m going to narrate a story that happened in one of the forest known as Chitrakoota. All the animals in this forest were living happily and hunted only when they were hungry. Every animal in the forest followed the norms, rules and regulations of the forest, i.e no matter what ever the situation is, they will not hunt younger ones.

 One night, a fox was strolling under the glittering stars and a luminous moon next to the stream that was flowing pleasantly. All of a sudden, a foal came there filled with excitement, jumping to drink  water. A fox who was there seeing the foal, now grew greedy and forgot everything but wanted to eat the little foal. The fox, with his sharp and greedy eyes saw everywhere and found that no one was noticing.  Taking the situation into its favour, fox pounced on the little foal and gulped it as quick as possible and kept quite as though it knew nothing.

 To its surprise the king of the forest had come to know that the greedy, cunning fox had broken the rules of the forest by killing a foal. The king of the forest called the fox and asked, ‘You, cunning fox! Knowing the rules of the forest, how did you kill the little foal?’ In reply the fox said ‘No, I didn’t, and I know nothing about the foal.’ If so give me the proof, who saw it?’ hearing this question, the king had no reply but remained quiet and was startled. All of sudden a flat faced and large eyed owl stooped down on the tree and said that, he was watching what happened and how the fox killed the foal. Now the fox had nothing to say but held his head low. 

 Now the king of the forest knowing what happened punished the fox by exiling him out of the  forest. I would like to relate this to my real life incident. I was working in a school name ‘Bright Blooms’.  I worked there for five years , in this five years all my colleagues knew that I was not hiding anything , and there my colleagues always were telling me , ‘Why should you always give away your salary to your  husband, you should also save something for yourself for its your hard earned money’.

 In our old school we had the facility of enchasing our unused casual leaves, which was given to us in the cash form putting in an envelope. Once I had saved my casual leave for which I was supposed to get  Rs. 560/-, I received an envelope on which Rs. 560/- was written. Keeping my colleagues words I planned to  take away Rs. 60/- from the envelope, for which  took a blade and scratched and altered number ‘6’ to become ‘0’, I also did it too. Then after altering it I counted the cash in the envelope I found there was  only Rs. 500/- . Now I was in shock because I was not able to go and ask the accountant for paying less because I had altered number ‘6’ to ‘0’. I felt too guilty and realised that I should not lie or cheat anyone who is trusting us. I thought that nobody was observing me, but there was one person who was watching at me that was ‘GOD’. After that I confessed it to my husband and there after kept everything transparent  between us.

 Moral of the story is we think that nobody is observing us, but actually we are observed by  everyone including almighty.

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