(Promoted & Managed By Udupi Shree Adamaru Matha Education Council)

#4, 16th Cross, Sadashivanagar, Bengaluru – 560080

Affiliated to Karnataka State  Education Board.


(Promoted & Managed by Udupi Sri Admar Mutt Education Council)

#4, 16th Cross, Sadashivanagar, Bengaluru – 560080

Affiliated to Karnataka State  Education Board.

Pre - Primary Curriculum

Curriculum and Syllabus being followed by the

Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to facilitate holistic development and readiness for formal schooling. It encompasses tailor-made activities that stimulate Cognitive, Language, Creative, Emotional, Social, and Physical growth.

How We Achieve It Understanding that a child’s attention span is limited, we employ a unique “Rotation System.” Children spend a maximum of 25 minutes in each activity room before transitioning to the next one, ensuring sustained interest and engagement. This innovative approach was conceptualized by our Founder President, H.H. Sri Vibudeshateertha Swamiji.

Parent-Teacher Collaboration We believe in the power of collaboration. Periodic Parent-Teacher Meetings are organized to bridge the gap between parents and educators, facilitating the best possible outcomes for our children.

Nutrition and Healthy Habits “A Healthy Mind Leads to a Healthy Body.” To instill healthy eating habits, we follow a designated “Food Schedule” where children are assigned specific foods like grains/pulses, vegetables, fruits, and homemade meals on assigned days.

Exploration through Picnics Picnics are organized to encourage self-exploration and experiential learning among children.

Shloka Chanting and Cultural Heritage Our curriculum includes Shloka chanting from Bhagavad Gita for Preparatory 1 and 2 classes, allowing children to confidently recite these verses.

Festivals and Cultural Values We celebrate festivals to instill cultural traditions and values in our children.

Exhibitions and Art Displays Regular exhibitions, including displays of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and grains, culminate in an Art Exhibition where children showcase their creative talents with parental support.

Physical and Emotional Development Indoor and outdoor games and activities are carefully planned to promote physical and emotional development.

Colour Concept and Creative Expression We introduce the concept of colours to Nursery children through “Colour Week” activities, fostering a deep understanding of various hues.

Children’s Day This is celebrated with age-appropriate sports competitions, with children receiving participation certificates and gifts for their active involvement.

Annual Day Our “Annual Day” event showcases the hidden talents of our children through song, dance, and skits.

Graduation Day At the end of Pre-primary schooling, we organize a Graduation Day to bid farewell to Preparatory 2 children and wish them a bright future.

Teaching Techniques Our dedicated and experienced teachers employ various techniques:
• Comprehensive learning in English and Mathematics.
• Narration of moral stories using puppets and videos for enhanced understanding.
• General Knowledge topics complimented by hands-on activities.
• Recitation of rhymes in English, Kannada, and Hindi.
• Encouragement of creative skills through arts and crafts activities.
• Term-wise activity sheets are sent home to foster parent-child interaction and reinforce lessons taught at school.

Our Pre-primary teachers are passionate about their roles and strive to create a comfortable learning environment while developing strong bonds with their children. They are well-prepared to handle challenges and are committed to achieving excellent results.

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