Applications are invited from qualified and experienced (2-5 years) candidates for the following vacancies.
Preference will be given to candidates with CBSE Teaching Experience.

Pre - Primary Section

Asst. Teacher: Graduate

We are seeking teachers who are capable of working with young children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old. The ideal candidates should enjoy the company of children and be able to gel with them throughout the day. The primary responsibility of an assistant teacher is to build a good rapport with the children and help them focus on their activities. Additionally, the assistant teacher should be well-informed of the curriculum to be able to handle the class independently in the absence of the teacher.

Teacher: Graduate with NTT/Montessori

We are looking for teachers who can handle young children aged between 3 to 6 years. The ideal candidate should have a passion for teaching and the physical and mental flexibility to cater to the needs of young children. You should have a confident grasp of phonetics and cursive writing, and be able to design creative and attractive worksheets to make learning enjoyable. Your voice modulation and expression while narrating stories should create enthusiasm in children to listen to more stories. You should also be able to customize your approach to the specific needs of each child when challenges arise in the classroom.


*All Fields are Mandatory.

Computer knowledge is a must for all the above posts. Candidates may send their resume to the Hon. Secretary by post or e-mail to within 7 days.

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Primary Section

English Teacher

We are looking for an experienced English teacher to join our team. If you appreciate English literature, poetry and grammar and are willing to teach the language with patience and tact, please apply. Your focus will be to create a supportive learning environment that will help your students meet their learning objectives. Through interesting and diverse methods, you will teach them the important rules of reading, writing, and speaking in English. You will oversee their progress by tracking their assignment and exam grades, to provide useful feedback.

Social Studies Teacher

We are looking for an experienced Social Studies teacher who is a good team player, critical thinker, and excellent communicator to join our team. If you are passionate about nurturing holistic individuals who contribute to the welfare of the society, then here is an opportunity to join us!

As a teacher you have to prepare lesson plans, explain the significance of historical events, and discuss current political events of major concern or historical importance to enable them to prepare for competitive exams in future. You also have to update yourself periodically to encourage students to participate in various events.

Physical Education Teacher

As a Physical Education Teacher, you are responsible for enhancing the students’ physical ability and knowledge of sports. As a faculty you shall look into practical lessons including both indoor and outdoor games. You will also ensure that students compete to their ability level and are not exposed to unnecessary injury or illness through school sports. You will motivate them to take up new sports or athletic pursuits or as a career in sports and games.

As a coach training and coaching school sports teams to compete and succeed in nation-wide events will be appreciated

Science Teacher

We are looking for a capable science teacher to join our team who is a curious, lifelong learner with a passion for discovering new things. We look for teachers who have a deep respect for the natural world and the ability to inspire the same in their students.

As a Science teacher at the primary level, you will bring life into classroom teaching and involve students in hands-on activities to understand and relate to classroom learning.

Computer Science Teacher

Our ideal candidate would be a passionate computer teacher who enjoys keeping up with the latest technological developments. As a computer teacher, your objective is to ignite students’ interest in programming and the latest computer applications by nurturing their logical thinking skills


*All Fields are Mandatory.

Computer knowledge is a must for all the above posts. Candidates may send their resume to the Hon. Secretary by post or e-mail to within 7 days.

If you are applying for the position of “Assistant Teacher,” please be aware that the selection of subjects in the dropdown menu is not applicable for this role. We kindly ask you to skip this section as it pertains only to applicants for the “Teacher” position. Your application for the “Assistant Teacher” role will be processed without the need for subject selection.

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High School

Physics & Maths Teacher

Are you passionate about stimulating learning environment to develop theoretical and mathematical skills in students? If yes! Here’s an opportunity for a dedicated and experienced math teacher to join the team. You will also be responsible for assigning homework, grading assignments and quizzes, and documenting students’ progress. As a maths teacher, you should possess a thorough understanding of effective teaching practices. As you will also be assigned a few classes to teach Physics, so you will help students understand energy, matter, force, material, all the laws related to them and much more.


We are looking for highly organized candidates with excellent interpersonal skills for the position of librarian. As a Librarian you are responsible for sorting and shelving books according to their categorization, assisting students and staff to locate and suggest appropriate books. As a booklover, you will keep yourself updated with the latest releases of books and journals. Further, organising library events, reading time, book reading and reviewing sessions, inviting authors to interact with students, planning to publish children’s’ literary work for school circulation or to a larger platform is also important for developing sustainable reading culture in an institution!

Carpentry Instructor

The Carpentry Instructor will teach the basic skills of carpentry which includes training students to use carving vices and axes; to measure, cut, and shape wood.


*All Fields are Mandatory.

Computer knowledge is a must for all the above posts. Candidates may send their resume to the Hon. Secretary by post or e-mail to within 7 days.

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