Mrs. Vanaja

 Riyan loved kites a lot. He wished to buy a unique ,remarkable kite. He wished to see his kite soar high in the sky . Lot of thoughts raced in his mind as he walked by the streets of Gujarat. His vigilant eyes caught the sight of a kite shop. He rushed to the shop amidst the crowd. Usually the people in the area move around in an impatient way due to busy commercial work.   But Riyan’s lips withered a big smile. The hustle and bustle of the place didn’t disturb him as he moved toward’s  his passion. He walked  towards the way which he longed to visit. His eyes sparkled as the distance grew less. Finally he stood in front of the shop . He peeped inside   and   glanced at kites that were in display. He silently walked step by step admiring the kites . His eyes carefully noticed the elegance of all the royal kites. Suddenly , he jerked a bit backward and found an adorable golden kite. He picked it gently and his hands fondled on it  gracefully. The kite lit not only his spirits but also his dreams. He purchased and walked down the street proudly. Every body’s eyes fell in love with its beauty. He stopped near a farm  and made it soar high in the sky. All the people and the children pointed at it and spoke till it get vanished. 


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