Mrs. Rajeshwari – MY EXPERIENCE

Mrs. Rajeshwari

 I had laid foundation to my career at Poornaprajna in the year 2002 as a part time assistant  teacher. As time progressed, I became a full time teacher. My journey in the school was absolutely  wonderful with lots of learning and upgradation of my knowledge from my seniors and colleagues. 

 I have had many ups and downs in the phases of my career but the year 2020 this was something new or that which I never anticipated. The month of May 2020 has been one of the most challenging period of my carrier. I had to adapt and acquaint myself to the computer method of teaching. 

 Due to the injury in my right hand, I undergone surgery in my thumb. I missed my computer crash course session conducted in school and I had to sit and learn from the basics of computer and its  techniques of teaching. It was not at all a cakewalk for me!! So initially I found it very difficult to cope up with it, the herculean task was I had to translate to Hindi.

 This new system of e-teaching not only added up fear but also got the stress factor into my head. I found it really difficult to cope up with my carrier and personal life and understanding the system  applications had become a fear for me. Moreover, the fear of losing out the files was becoming a  nightmare!! What if lose the video which I had done?? I would have to start off again from the beginning investing my time and hard work. I eventually started keeping multiple backup files to be on the safer side.

On the other hand, I was at the epitome of my anxiety.

 Handling a language in a class is completely different from handling a language in front of a  computer. Black board helps in easy demonstration of how the strokes are drawn, but once you are on a system for a language it is a different fish in the kettle. There has to be exact and accurate translations or else it is just the hard work, effort and time going into vain.

But in spite of all these I had a major backup and strength at my home which was none other than

my son. He knew the techniques, hacks, shortcuts for simplifying the tasks. He had a busy schedule but still he would help and use all his mobile hacks and techniques and within a blink of eye the translations are done and made ready into a PPT. 

 The techniques he taught me was to make best use of my phone with Google lens and Google  translate which simplified my job. Whatever I have learnt is just a drop and I have a full ocean left.  Frequent scolding’s from my son is one major thing which I fear, that has eventually been an impetus for me to learn as well!!

 Confusions also played its role for making times harder. There would be a lot of confusions while understanding between what is told and what is understood. My son would address something and I would understand a whole different set while learning a technique. I always ended up asking multiple questions annoying him. But learning slowly with patience is helping me overcome it but with test of time!!  I am thankful to my computer gurus!!! Today I can do all my work with confidence. 

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