Founder’s Day celebration 2023 – Pre-Primary section

Founder’s Day was celebrated in the school on 6th July, Thursday 2023. To commemorate the Day, class competitions were organized in the section.    

His Holiness Sri Vibudhesha Theertha Swamiji is the Founder President of Udupi Sri Admar Mutt Education Council. He was a great patriot who believed that Education encompasses the development of the integrated personality of the youth through proper training of their intellect, spirit, mind and body. He always said that a nation’s future can be shaped only through shaping the young ones of the nation. The spiritual, mental and physical aspects of students should be treated with equanimity and understanding.

 As a tribute to his holiness, Founder’s Day was celebrated on 6th July 2023. A competition was held for the tiny tots of the Nursery. They had to either recite a rhyme, a shloka or a devotional song. We had our Shloka teachers as judges for the event. Few children participated with all their zeal and few with a deal (had to bribe them with a star or a chocolate) Few sang the nursery rhymes taught in school, few chanted shlokas and few sang divine songs. Three from each section were awarded the first, second and third prizes respectively by     Sri Naveen Rao (Hon Jt secretary – PPEC Sadashivanagar)

The Vision, Dedication and single-minded commitment of our Founder President H H Sri Vibhudesha Theertha Swamiji has created a distinctive aura and reputation that we all enjoy today and are so proud of. It is our responsibility to live up to the ideals and sacred values that form the foundation of our institution. To commemorate this legacy and success, Founder’s Day was celebrated with enthusiasm and exuberance on 6th July, Thursday 2023. The tiny tots of Nursery won hearts with melodious recitation. The little ones of Prep 1 added colour through their imagination in the colouring competition. The little genius of Prep 2 tried their hand in a handwriting competition.

There was a lot of excitement among the students who were a part of this extravagant event. Three from each section were awarded the first, second and third prizes respectively by Sri Naveen Rao (Hon Jt secretary – PPEC Sadashivanagar)


Nursery – Rhymes/Devotional Song/Shloka recitation                                                                          Preparatory 1 – Colouring 

Preparatory 2 – Handwriting 

Shloka Teachers – Ms Sunitha, Ms Pallavi and Ms Vidya were invited to judge Nursery Children’s performance

Ms Rohini- Teacher, Primary was assigned the duty of judging the Prep 1 children’s colouring event.

Ms Anuradha – The teacher, Primary judged the Handwriting Competition of the Prep 2 children.     The winners were awarded a Certificate and a gift coupon (Sapna Book House). Sri Naveen Rao – Hon Jt Secretary PPEC Sadashivanagar awarded the children.

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