Class Programmes

Prep 1 A – Sky is the Limit

The sky, an expensive canvas stretching above us, holds a captivating allure that has captivated hearts and minds. 

This fascinating world depicts vastness of the blue sky, serenity of the clouds, energy and the power of the sun, the mystery of the moon, diverse colours of the rainbow and the smiles of millions and millions of stars. The children of Prep 1 A presented the God’s most mesmerizing creation. The captivating dance performances of the little ones adorned with the colourful attire, stole all the hearts.

Prep 1 B – It’s a Small World

On September 2nd, 2023, the young students of Prep 1 B embarked on an extraordinary journey of cultural exploration through their class program, themed ‘It’s a Small World. The event kicked off with a student sharing his exciting world tour experiences, inviting friends from visited countries to perform cultural pieces like the Hula dance of Hawaii, Sombrero dance of Mexico, cowboy dance of Texas, African lion dance and umbrella dance of China. These performances were not mere displays of talent but an admiration for the world’s diverse cultures.

As the curtains fell on these mesmerizing performances, all the children gathered on stage for a grand finale – a rendition of the timeless classic, ‘It’s a Small World,’ promoting an interconnected world where everyone is welcomed and accepted. Emphasizing the principle of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ (The world is one family), the event encouraged respecting differences and fostering peace and harmony.

This class program was a valuable learning experience, educating the children about diverse global cultures and reminding them that we are part of one human family. It emphasized treating each other with respect and compassion, regardless of our differences.  In a world that can sometimes seem vast and divided, these children illuminated the path towards unity and understanding, proving that indeed, ‘It’s a Small World after all’.

Prep  1 C – Friendship Forever

Friends play an integral part in our life. They are like diamonds, real and rare – “the longer you keep them, the more precious they are”. Only a friend knows what exactly is happening in you. Because, a true friend can get upset, argue, and even fight, but they still choose to love and support you. One minute they fight but the next moment they are friends again. They make good times better and hard times easier……

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