Class Programme – Prep 2B

Preparatory 2 B class showcased their class talent on 22nd July 2023, Saturday in the Basement at 9.30 am. The theme was “Dreams”

The class program of Preparatory 2, B section was held on 22nd July 2023. The theme was woven around “DREAMS”.

Dreams are like a mirror to our imagination; A desire of the subconscious. They are like magical adventures that happen in our minds. They can take us anywhere we want to go, and our imagination is the only limit. Dreams give us hope. Dreams create desires. Dreams also fuel our passion and motivate us to reach our goals. Few people dream to become celebrities, some want to be famous business tycoons, and some others dream of becoming great sports personalities. Dreams can inspire us to reach for the stars. So, don’t stop, dream on, and as Dr A.P.J Abdul said, “A dream transforms into thoughts and results into action”.

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